Adorable Witch5 : Lingering

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Game background:

A shiny bird flutters toward you with an envelope in its beak, and you open it out of curiosity.
Suess Witch Academy Recruitment Notice:
Dear classmate, your magic letter has arrived. In view of your outstanding performance and talent, you stand out from the crowd of Muggles. After review, we decided to send this letter as a sincere invitation. Suess Witch Academy has the most harmonious teaching environment, don't worry about dealing with interpersonal relationships, the seniors are the best to get along with, they will take good care of you~❤
After you closed the letter, you fell into deep thought. You understand the truth, but why is it Witch Academia! ! !

List of roles

Adorable Witch5 : Lingering
Adorable Witch5 : Lingering

Game Features

In the game, you will experience:
· Continuing the world view of the Magic Academy from the previous work, with a more immersive plot description
· The character design is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people
· Interesting and creative gameplay experience, new gameplay!
· A total of 10 CGs can be obtained, and dozens of additional illustration events can be added
· Brand new dynamic cg

About us

And if you encounter any problems in the game, you can contact us. It is not easy to create. Thank you again for your love.

System Requirements

PC requirements

  • OS: Windows7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 400 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA Gef750
  • Storage: 4 GB available space
Categories Single-player, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud
Developers lovelygames
Publishers lovelygames
Release date 19 May, 2023
Supported languages Simplified Chinese*, English, Russian, Japanese*, Traditional Chinese, Korean
*languages with full audio support
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