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RPG is a unique gaming genre. The game immerses the player in a fantasy world and offers to get used to the role of a character, whether he is a magician in a villain's cave or a space fighter for justice on an unknown planet. The best RPG games are not limited to the branch of skills and the choice of answer in the dialogue. You have to show a quick wit, dexterity, and a lot of perseverance.

What Is RPG Gaming?

Ogres, goblins, chimeras… The RPG genre is designed to give you the opportunity to take a heavy blade, sharpen it, drink a magic potion for health and endurance, and then rush into battle against a crowd of angry monsters. This type of entertainment industry is still relevant today and will be popular for a long time.

The main elements of the role-playing include:

  • deep character development system;

  • good freedom in adventure;

  • deep plot;

  •  interaction with the characters of the world around;

  • tactical battles.

There is no exact recipe for the perfect RPG, so the developers combine all these elements at their own discretion.

The Best Representatives Of The RPG Genre

The best RPG games have become very popular, along with their hybrid variants. Attempts to combine role-playing with shooters have become extremely successful and Mass Effect is a good case in point. Japanese role-playing plots with their colorful and unique features stand out. Where to start and choose the best game if you are a newcomer in gaming?

Let’s stick with the cult creatures you can download on your pc.

The Witcher

Role-playing games on the PC convey the atmosphere, tension, plot to the smallest detail. Playing The Witcher, you join the role of a professional monster hunter who is capable of everything for personal gain and a safe future. At the same time, almost every character intrigues behind his back, tries to cheat, and rob. Of course, this cannot be tolerated.


You find yourself on a shipboard. But a huge vessel suddenly crashes. Fortunately, your agent character survives. And now you have to find out what's going on. That’s a gloomy story, but at the same time yellow sand, azure sea, and emerald palm trees attract attention, generate excitement. Same way, most of rpg online games are often related to fishing, hunting, and cooking. You have to repair equipment, improve your skills.

Types Of Role-Play Games

Keep in mind that the classification of games by genre is quite conditional. First, many genres do not have a clear, generally accepted definition. Second, the developers do not stop their experiments, adding more new game mechanics and elements. That is, modern games often belong to one or more genres, and you can’t classify them as rpg horror games or pure anime.


RP classics with a slow passage, based on quests and interaction with NPS. So, get ready for dialogues, monologues, and heartbreaking stories. These games are characterized by step-by-step fighting.

The best Classic RPGs you can find on our site are Fallout, Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age: Origins.


Tactical RPGs are role-playing entertainments where the figures attack each other in turn. Often, such plots have a strong strategic component. In TRPG, you manage one or more agent figures, develop and equip them. During the game, the hero indicators grow as well as passive skills. The key difference between Tactical and other role-playing games is that success depends on your tactical and strategic skills.

The best TRPG games are Fallout Tactics, X-COM, Dragon Age, Silent Storm.

Action RPG

You control one or more figures by a set of definite characteristics. The list of characteristics may include health, strength, agility, and various abilities of the character. You play the game, develop your character, and cope successfully with the tasks.

In Action-RPG, the success depends on the character’s skills and characteristics, but your speed and reaction as a cool player.

The best but not the latest rpg game of this type is Gothic.


Exciting entertainments with randomly generated locations, tons of loot, and an endless stream of enemies will impress you. There is no special plot here. Everything focuses on sets of experience and skill points.

The recommended game - Diablo.


The best rpg games on pc are made in Japan. The plot is linear and traditionally devoted to philosophical contemplation as well as building relations between characters. Extensive dialogues are interrupted by scary cut scenes. So, it is better for soft players to look for a more flexible game from the list.

Why play JRPG games?

  •  Usually the Japanese create a very elaborate world with great attention to detail. In good JRPGs, you can talk to any NPC (often meet them during the game and learn their history), enter homes, and possibly find valuable loot.

  • The plots of anime games rpg are usually very sound, and banal. The dialogues are wise and don’t look as if they were written by a ten-year-old student. Actually, through long constructive dialogues, you develop the characters, empathize with them, and feel like a member of the team.

  • The characters are diverse but often look like walking clichés. In your squad, you can gather a hearty group a former pirate, a gothic princess, and a macho man. Naturally, everyone has their own storyline, full of tragedy and pathos.

  • Colorful graphics and cute characters. The Japanese will never skimp on the artistic part and often it turns out very well.

  • Many cult games have a memorable soundtrack written by really talented composers.

  • The gameplay is in many cases quite credible, but not overcomplicated.

  • The brightest anime game of this type is Grandia.


As in most role-playing games, you are offered the role of a specific character to develop and complete quests, moving through the adventurous plot. The key of MMO – many people play together, fight, and interact with each other in every way. The game world lives and exists even in the absence of the player.

The list of rpg games of this genre is not full without World of Warcraft, Lineage 2.

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