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There are many sports fans who give all their time and attention to their favorite boxing or football. Many people are so passionate about sports game on today world that they can’t live without their favorite activity in virtual reality. Moreover, they can easily realize what is not available to them in real life.

To help you to choose the game that suits you the most we’ve broken down the huge list of games into four broad categories:

  • sports simulations

  • sports management games

  • arcade sports games

  • fantasy sports

Popular Sports Games For PC

Here, you can find the best thematic games dedicated to certain sports and some reviews and descriptions of the best and latest sports entertainment. Read all the necessary information about the best sports simulators and get the links to download your favorite game.

Snowboarding Games

This section includes the best PC snowboarding games, as well as skiing, and many other extreme winter sports. Here, you can find large-scale and independent snowboarding games that allow you to ride on the steepest snow tracks in the world and participate in many prestigious competitions.


Steep is dedicated to snowboarding, slalom, paragliding, and other extreme sports. You can download available additions and complete the list with base jumping, sledding, high-speed parachuting. You can play the sports game of this type online with friends.

Football Managers

Do you want to try yourself as the leader of a football team? Now you have such a chance! We offer you games in the genre of football manager, divided into two categories:

  • online football managers

  • single-player football managers

World League

Meet a high-quality football team game for sport with licensed clubs and players, interesting gameplay, and a huge number of play mechanics. Here, you have to train the team, develop your business, participate in sports matches, use various tactics.

Sports Online Games

This category includes the best PC sports games that allow you to compete in your favorite sport with other players.


FIFA 21 is another part of the most popular series of football simulators that was released in October 2020. Many addicted gamers think that the game is no different from the previous FIFA version, but a few changes should be noted.

  • coach's career changes

  •  interactive match simulation

  •  improved training and player development systems

  •  attack and defense mode

  •  realistic transfers

Boxing Sports

Playing sport games is impossible without boxing. Boxing is a wonderful sport for the strong and brave. Not everyone will dare to enter the ring, knowing that he will get a flurry of blows under the watchful eyes of thousands of spectators. Therefore, many fans of boxing prefer to try their hand at virtual worlds.

Unfortunately, boxing simulators are well represented on game consoles and even on smartphones, but almost non-existent on computers. Such popular games as Fight Night Round, Rocky Legends, Punch-Out are for consoles only. Our shop has a unique list of boxing sports games for pc. Check their prices here.

World Boxing Manager

A manager for boxing fans who dream of promoting and arranging the careers of young and promising fighters. The player will be able to take the role of the boxing hall owner and start developing young and promising athletes. The game is full of text information, different numbers, diagrams, and schedules to feel the atmosphere of professional boxing.

Basketball Games

Basketball has gained popularity among people of all ages. Thus, nba sports games have their own fans. We have selected the most popular and really good basketball games for gamers you can play on your pc.

Basketball Classics

An arcade basketball simulator is capable of transporting players to the golden age of sports games. The game has pixel graphics and simple two-button gameplay. At the same time, the developers from Namo Gamo tried to make the gameplay in Basketball Classics diverse and rich, making the game the best modern representative of the genre. Players get several throw options, strict rules, and technical nuances. You’ll be impressed to see almost two hundred teams with unique players, interesting plots, and local multiplayer.

Moto Sports

Here is a massive collection of racing games and unique plots where you can hop into a vehicle to freely roam around. The vehicles can be different according to your previous experience. However, you can always try to drive something new and extremely dangerous. In this list, we’re going to show you’re the best motorcycle video games you can play on the PC.

The Crew 2

Ubisoft has made a motor sport game where they took the United States and shrunk it down for a full racing video game experience. As a result, players are racing through different terrains and open new iconic locations around the country. Try to hit the night dangerous road or the heavily forested areas.

Golf Sports

For some people, golf may seem a rather boring game, but this does not negate the fact that it is one of the most popular in the world. That's why we decided to create a list of the best golf simulators that you can play on your PC.

The Golf Club 2

Golf Club 2 doesn’t belong to action sports games but definitely has its fans. It has a progressive single career mode, where players start out as regular golf lovers and gradually earn recognition by increasing their rank in tournaments. The immersive simulator offers realistic graphics, physics, and online matches.

Thanks to the competitive online mode and local matchmaking, you can fight with three other golfers, playing on their fields and trying to overtake them. Users can even create their own unique fields with the help of an extensive level designer. How about creating new landscapes, surfaces, textures, and even changing the position of the hole?

Buy Sports Games In Our Shop

Whether you're a fan of football, rugby, basketball, or any other game, you can easily find a digital-analog for a computer or console.

We've put together a lot of great sports video games, including kids sports games, to keep you even closer to your favorite pastime. Especially, when in reality you do not have the opportunity to play the same football or basketball. Not all sports games are collected here, but only the best ones - worth your attention and precious time.

You can play on your own, on a local network, or even online. Play as you like with a gamepad or on the keyboard. We’ll help you to select the best old classic sports and the newest sports managers. Downloading such projects from our site is simple and convenient.