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Games with adventures is a fairly old and widespread genre of computer and video games, where players control the character, move along the plot, solve puzzles, quests, and avoid dangers. Do you like adventures in the game? Who doesn't? The adrenaline and excitement that you will get from the adventure game will give you unforgettable sensations and impressions.

Genres Of Adventure Games

What games can we classify as adventure genre? Probably, these are all games that include quests, puzzles, and require a working mind. Adventure-action games are the biggest part of this adventure genre and always include running, shooting, and racing. Also, almost all games of the Survival horror genre are adventure games.


In a typical text adventure game, the player uses text commands using the keyboard, just like in the popular old game Zork that everyone loves. During the game, you can see a description of the place in the text box, and you use a text line to give commands: how to use inventory, where to move, what to equip, etc. The most interesting thing is that the full list of commands may be unknown to the player, and differs depending on location.

Point-And-Click Adventure

These are plain and simple games where you can control your character through a point and click interface using a computer mouse or similar pointing device. Other control schemes may also be available. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is one of the games point and click adventure genres that everyone knows.


The entertainment of this type includes puzzles. Almost all modern adventure games contain action elements (chases, shooting, and running). If you need a definition, this is a mix of quest and action.

The most famous games of this subgenre are Tomb Raider, Uncharted 3, Prince of Persia, Alone in the Dark, and many others.

Visual Novel

This subgenre is especially popular in Japan. The main features of these games are static graphics and anime style. You can independently develop the plot and change the ending of the novel by choosing different options.

Real-Time 3D Adventures

Real-time 3D adventures can be a logical apotheosis of this genre. It has become available with the development of 3D graphics. In these games, the traditional adventure gameplay is complemented by some attributes associated with action adventure game.


This is a genre the main elements of which are the plot, exploring the world through completing various tasks. Quest games often include puzzle elements.

The quests can be classified as:

  • Graphic quests

  • Textual quests

  • Visual novels

  • Interactive fiction

Best Adventure Games For PC

Everyone loves the coolest adventures with an interesting plot. However, everyone likes something of their own. Some like action, some like games with calmer gameplay, but everyone wants to find something special.

The Walking Dead

You’ll get a popular adventure from Telltale Games with interesting characters and an impressive finale, making players cry. The story of human survival in a zombie apocalypse is not only a battle with the walking dead but also a constant struggle with oneself. You have to make a colossal effort to remain human at a time when the world collapses.

A Way Out

This is the best of the adventure time games, created in the spirit of the best fights. Two prisoners, Vincent and Leo, plan to escape from a heavily guarded prison. The characters have to accomplish their plans, but even after the escape, they still go together. If you have a partner for cooperation, never miss this game.

The Wolf Among Us

A fascinating adventure based on Fables comics that tell about the lives of fairy-tale characters in our realities. The plot of the game revolves around Sheriff Wolf, who undertakes to investigate the mysterious murder. Gamers will have a confusing story, many battles, as well as an unforgettable atmosphere of noir New York with a touch of magic and mysticism.

Assassin`S Creed: Black Flag

This is another successful game from the Assassin`s Creed line dedicated to pirates. This is why it is valuable: few adventure games on PCs and consoles turn to one of the most romantic epochs of pirates. The developers have realized a huge world, a fascinating plot, as well as stunning sea battles. Try to stay alive and wine the Black Flag.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Everyone knows this legendary game, probably, one of the best games adventure genres. This is a remake of the popular zombie horror that takes us back to the Raccoon City epidemic. The developers have not just updated the graphics but completely redesigned the gameplay in accordance with modern game standards. Resident Evil 2 Remake looks, scares, and plaid even more than many new AAA projects.


The plot is dedicated to a little girl named Gris. She finds herself in a very unusual world, where everything is quite dim. The game mechanics are simple. The girl must pass obstacles and solve puzzles. You collect the lights and activate different strange objects. Your task is to color the world you are in. Of course, to do this, the girl needs abilities. The graphics and sound are beautiful and memorable.


Trying to choose your own adventure games, try Perception. The gamer gets the role of a blind girl who got into an abandoned house. She is looking for answers to her questions. The girl, according to the gameplay mechanics, can reveal the secrets of the manor, using her echolocation. She "sees" by hearing and feels everything through touch. But there is another interesting point: the movement creates noise and enemies pursue the character as they feel.

Benefits Of Adventure Games

Buy pc adventure games in our game shop and enjoy the best representatives of the adventure genre and mixes. But before you purchase the game, here are the benefits of playing adventure.

  • Make fast decisions: often adventure games require you to make fast decisions. When this is constant it becomes a natural function of your brain. To solve some problems and complete levels you have to think three steps ahead.

  • Improve multitasking skills: an adventure game requires you to divide attention between targets, this increases your ability to multitask effectively. The more you play adventure games, the better your multitasking skills will be.

  • Overcome dyslexia: though dyslexia doesn’t affect the general intelligence of a person, it affects by reducing the brain’s ability to read and learn symbols. This is a result of problems in visual attention. When you play adventure or action games, it makes you focus attention more efficiently to extract relevant information of a written word more rapidly.

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